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Why the Salento


Framed by a fabulous sea and ringed with beaches of incredible beauty, Apulia is the heart of the Mediterranean. It is a region sculpted by time and traced by the wind, which blows the sweet, rich perfumes of the Mediterranean meadow over a land whose atmosphere is unique in the world. It breathes 5000 years of history….. and mystery.

Amazing granite formations, groves of cork oaks and ruins of ancient cities, uninhabited valleys and lively towns all fit together like tiles in a mosaic. A land of discovery. In the delicacy and beauty of its craftsmanship; in its culinary tradition; in its strong aromatic wine; in its folk festivals; in the character of its people, reserved yet generous, can be traced ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation, and still with the ring of authenticity. A region that deserves to be loved and explored, all year round, not only in the summer.


Foto mare salento

The Salento

The southern point of Apulia, which includes the area from Brindisi to Saint Maria of Leuca is called "Salento". One of our primary necessities these days is to be able to find a location where harmony and balance between development and uncontaminated nature is a reality.
Il Salento offers this.

The air, with the constant breeze, continually renovates the atmosphere, also helped by the fact that factories do not exist here.

The land, offers an original and fragrant vegetation where protected animals abound.

The sea is not polluted, thanks to the beneficial substances of an indented coast, the sea currents create a balanced and protected eco-system.

Quality of life is achieved by the low density of population, by the modest size of the villages and towns, by the vast spaces available to man.



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