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COASTAL ROUTE.The territory salentino can comfortably be covered in car to stages, in two days or more, that is via sea with one of the many naval average small. The vision of cliffs, the spiagge, the being white houses turns out of the sure more evocative sea. Civettuola with its villas, Saint Cesarea Terme is famous also for its sulphureous waters, from the high therapeutic value. Between this locality and I castrate find on the sea important coves for the paleontology students, but of I do not shave, like for the Zinzulusa, point of callback for their natural beauties. Other coves are opened, more or less accessible, along all the adriatic depositor salentino, but to the Zinzulusa the pearl title it of the coves goes. Graceful the several navy that are ollowed from Cesarea Saint, proceeding towards the south: I castrate Navy, Tricase Port, Navy Greenhouse, Navy of Novaglie, until does not reach Saint Maria di Leuca or "de finibus terrae", because this is the end southern point of the Salento; the popular legend wants that for the income in paradise a visit to the Sanctuary-Basilica of the Madonna is necessary, to be completed while still alive (preferibilmente) or after died. In the Greek language Leuca it wants to say "the white woman", and such today it appears with the white women houses and villette. Beyond to the Sanctuary where it comes conserved plows it pagana of the tempio of Minerva, there is from admiring a wonderful panorama with the highest beacon that dominates from 102 meters on the sea level and the numerous coves that they are opened on the reef, accessible, some, also from earth. Here we find also the tip of the heel of the boot of Italy: Meliso tip where the waters of the Adriatic get confused and is stirred with those of the Jonio. Exceeded Ristola Tip, laughed them the Jonio; the coast is lowered and through spiagge and towers scattered for a some thirty of kilometers is reached Gallipoli. The towers came used for the sight, were the antichi beacons once. Their long disposition the shoreline from the impression to be in presence of the lookouts of entroterra the salentina. To these towers the names of many places have had on the sea: Truncated Tower, S. Tower Giovanni, Tower Poles, Tower I go.. Still going back us one dips in the magnificent wonders of Saint Maria to the Bath, Caterina Saint, the charming one reserves natural of Wild Port until arriving to the most famous ones spiagge of Caesarean Port... To Otranto a visit to the rests of S.Nicola di Casole, ancient cenobio basiliano, the Palascia cannot escape : the point more to East of Italy, where the two seas are divided (Adriatic and Ionian), the small lake of the Orte, been born from little years from the abandonment of one bauxite quarry, incredible for its cromatismi, the tower of the ancient Serpe beacon and coat of arms of the city of the martyrdoms. The historical center of Otranto offers the wonderful Cathedral with the mosaic paves them immenser of the world (800 m²), the controsoffitto to cassettoni gilds to you, the rests of the 800 martyrdoms and it cripta with its 42 columns and capitelli in marble of different style and invoice, the reconstructed Aragonese castle to leave from 1482 after the liberation of the Christian forces and removal of the Turks who remained approximately 13 months in city.  

Other routes can be completed nell' area della "Greća Salentina" and nelle main earth cities of Otranto (Casarano, Nardo', Copertino, Galatone, Leuca, Specchia, Tricase, Soleto, Acaya) and in all the countries and fractions of this beautiful earth therefore

Saint Cesarea Terme
Saint Maria di Leuca
Ugento and navy
Caesarean Port

Park of the Cesine
- lecce
River basin of Acquatina
- lecce
Swamp and forest of Rauccio - lecce
Archaeological park Roca - Melendugno
Sources of the Idume
- lecce
Alimini Lagos
- Otranto
Island of Sant' Andrea
- Gallipoli
Shoreline of Tip Peak
- Gallipoli 
Small wood of Tricase
- Tricase
Swamp of the Conte
- Caesarean Port
Wild Port
- Narḍ
Swamp of Captain
- Narḍ
Protected area of Caesarean Port

some COVES and CAVITA' 
Cove of the Red deers
- Badisco Port
Cove Zinzulusa
- Saint Cesarea T.
Cove Romanelli -
Saint Cesarea T.
Bridge Ciolo
- Gagliano of the Head
Cove of Drago
- Saint Maria di Leuca
Titti cove
- Saint Maria di Leuca
Cove of the Devil
- S. Maria di Leuca

Porcinara cove
- Saint Maria di Leuca
Mèliso tip
- Saint Maria di Leuca
Cazzafra cove
- Saint Maria di Leuca
Cove of the Vora
- S. M. di Leuca
Cove of the Horse - Narḍ
Cove of Uluzzo
- Narḍ

Tower Specchia Ruggeri
- Vernole
Saint Tower Foca
- Melendugno
Tower Old Rocca
- Melendugno
Tower of the Bear
- Melendugno
Sant' Tower Andrea
- Melendugno
Saint Tower Stefano
- Otranto
Tower of the Serpe
- Otranto
Tower of the Orte
- Otranto
Palascia Tower
- Otranto
Tower Sant' Emiliano
- Otranto
Tower Badisco
- Uggiano The Church
Saint Tower Cesarea
Tower Miggiano
- Saint Cesarea Terme
Marchiello tower -
Saint Maria di Leuca
Saint Tower Gregorio -
Tower I go -
Morciano di Leuca
Tower Poles
- Blank
Truncated Tower - Ugento
Saint Tower Giovanni
- Ugento

Tower Suda
- Racale
Tower of the River
- Narḍ
Saint Tower Caterina
- Narḍ
Saint tower Maria of the High 
- Narḍ
Tower Uluzzo - Narḍ
Tower Inserraglio
- Narḍ
Tower Sant' Isidoro
- Narḍ
Tower Caesarean Port
Lapillo Tower
- Caesarean Port
... the other towers



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