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The BluSalento is a real estate agency, operating society from 1998 in the Province of Lecce (Salento)Apulia, in the field of the Real estate Intermediation - Promotion - Sale, Lease and direct construction of: - Villas Tourist Padronali, Villette, Apartments, Residences, Villages, Business activity them, and Hotel - of the Valorization and Promotion of the Tourist Industry on the coast Jonica and Adriatica in Europe. Our Society has realized in these years an optimal Position in the real estate industry and Tourist, collaborating with important companies and realizing various  Real estate Complexes  - Lottizzazioni, Transactions and not last the Management of the Houses Vacation.From various years present in the real estate industry, strong from the acquired experience and in continuous modernization  beyond to in being directed contact with other professionals which architects, geometricians, technicians and engineers, guarantee, seriousness and professionality. The BluSalento , it carries out services of:, TOTAL ADVISING, DIRECT SELLING, RELATING ATTENDANCE To the PURCHASE, MUTUA and SERVICES, and moreover... market esteem, practical successory and administrative   catastali, immovable searches, visure, verification documentation, sale from judicial, practical auctions notarili.Sede in Casarano and Torre Pali(le).


Dedicated  to the private ones and the entrepreneurs, we are in a position to searching and to propose lands, sheds, peasant, industrial warehouses, areas or entire real estate operations to the most interesting prices to frazionare or to restructure in the localities of Casarano and outskirtses, C#lecce, Gallipoli, S.M. of Leuca, Jonica Costs.


You are indecisi if to sell your house or to acquire of one? If the wished ones, we will supply a free appraisal of your piece of real estate, we will help you to sell it or, if you have already sold, to ago acquire the house that for You, explaining the enforced legislation to you in real estate buying and selling matter, the facilities of the first house, the taxes to which are subordinates vendors and purchasers are  in the market of first and of the second casa.Assistenza from the preliminary matter to  she stipulates continuativa notarile.Consulenza until  the definition of  the operations buying and selling or bancaria locazione.Assistenza, legal and fiscale.Inoltre practical catastali, immovable successions, donations, sale from bankrupt auctions.


We propose, thanks to one deepened acquaintance of the course financial, the mutua to the conditions and the more convenient rates, in collaboration with Instituted head physicians of Italian Credit Bank. We take care ourselves also, in case was demanded, of the practical opening of mutuum, supplying estimates, attendance and putting in work of dossier  with financial professionals of the field.

If the objective of who acquires is to rent immobile(CIty  Country-Sea) just, we can fornirgli free of charge attendance in the search of the locativa unearned income more interesting and rent to its apartment, managing the payment of the taxes and taxes.


We supply free estimates if you wished to furnish your purchase with taste  and praticità, with transport and assembly you furnish on the place, thanks to the collaboration with important companies of the market arredi.Collaborazione directed with the best enterprises buildings, than restructure, installation termo-water systems and electrical workers, fixtures wood-aluminum, armors to you, parquets scales, furnishings garden.


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For further information Contacts us  +39.3397800253